New nap & meditation space in Silicon Roundabout (near it)

Pop & Rest provide the first spaces to nap, shower and relax.

Book your private pod to use for 30 mins and longer.


The benefits of naps and relaxation

Power Naps

A 2002 study by Harvard University proved that taking a 30-minute nap can improve the performance and productivity of workers. Power naps lower the risk of heart disease and improve alertness. On the go, power napping will help you to recharge and feel more relaxed before your next meeting or visit. Sleep 30 min or more in your private room.

Nomad entrepreneurship, nomad working, business travelling or backpacking are the new ways of working and traveling. This means a lot of traveling during the day or night with long layovers while waiting to check-in at an hotel or meeting someone.

Feeling tired, sweaty or even worse stinky? Shower to refresh your body and mind. Get your private room to get changed and be ready for the rest of your day.



We live in a world more connected and stressful than ever. Having a comfortable, quiet and private space, just for you, will help you to disconnect from the noise of crowded places such as the workplace, airport and train stations or the  busy city places. Focus on work, yoga or meditation: choose any activity that will help you to relax both mind and body in your own private pod.

Our nap pods to get recharged

Private pod to recharge

Forest theme to feel light

High quality mattress

Time to rest! 

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